About Sky Bridge Real Estate

Sky Bridge real estate was founded by former foreign students studied in Japan. We introduced know-how of the Japanese real estate industry and the spirit of Japan's service industry, provide Japanese standard high level real estate services in Myanmar. Our company deal with a wide variety of real estate properties, such as apartment, house, land(residential, industrial), office, villa, apartment. See our real estate entries.

We also provide legal consulting on real estate, and real estate asset management consulting services. For detail, please feel free to contact us.

   Real Estate Market in Myanmar

Real estate market revitalization by Chinese capital
Myanmar's real estate market is booming. One of the reasons is the expansion of Chinese capital. A Chinese company group has bought the 【Mingaladon Industrial Park】 which was developed by Japanese company Mitusi Corp, with the price of 2000 Lakh (\2000万円) per acre. Moreover, the scale of investment is more than 20 acres for 1 investment group.

Increase in rental charges
Not only industrial parks, the rent for shops and houses also increased. The rent for stores in Hledan / Insen road - a famous downtown area in Karmanyut area, has become the highest amount in 5 years.

The real estate price is soaring from now on
Myanmar is still in the starting stage of economic development, foreign investment to Myanmar is mainly relying on China and Thailand. In the near future, investments from US, Japan and other western countries are expected. Regarding the real estate properties market, the recent boom is still in the early stages, no doubt that the real estate price will continue soaring in the next 20 years.

For more detail about Myanmar real estate market, please feel free to contact us.

   About the real estate industry in Myanmar

In Myanmar, many individuals and companies are involved in real estate business, how ever, many of them do not have the license from the authorities. In Yangon - the biggest city of Myanmar, there are more than 200 companies doing real estate business, but only about 10 companies have license.

Because of this , some problems occur related on real estate buying and selling. When you are buying or renting real estate, please be careful to choose a good agency to avoid problems. Our company has gotten the license from Myanmar Government, moreover, we are doing business with Japanese Service Spirits, so you can use our service with confidence. For more detail, please feel free to contact us.

   Features of our service

We are doing business base on the motto of "Customer's satisfaction 1st". Since our founders have working and living experience in Japan, we can provide high-level Japanese standard service that others can not imitate.

In addition, our service can provided by Japanese, Chinese, English and Myanmar languages, so foreign customers can use our service with confidence. For more detail, please feel free to contact us.